Why People Lose Money Online

We know that 90% of new Traders register and start investing with the belief that they can do everything, but in reality, they lose everything even before starting.

In fact, they lose all the money invested no later than the first month of trading. Here is the purpose of this article. I give you some reasons why it happens so that you can avoid falling victim

Operate Without a Real Strategy

You cannot expect to invest if you do not have at the base an excellent knowledge of the market you work on and an excellent strategy. Although it may seem trivial to many, it is not for others.

You cannot expect to invest and trade if you do not have a good education and a minimum of knowledge at the base. Operating without a strategy is like preparing for a fight without weapons. It is therefore important to listen to expert opinions on how to apply a professional strategy. Juno markets opinions give you an insight on how to approach the market strategically.

Do Not Comply With the Rules

If you start playing without respecting the rules, you will never be successful. The same is true in online trading.

Each trading strategy will have a series of rules to follow. You cannot pretend not to follow them. They are the ones that tell you when to enter the market and how to get out of the position.

Get Caught Up In Emotions

We have also said that one of the worst losses is due to the strong euphoria. This happens immediately after a big win. Emotions must be put to the side in all senses, both in positive and negative terms and you will have to work coldly.

Trading When You’re Down

This is not recommended. Online trading is an activity that requires a lot of commitment, especially psychological. If you are not in these conditions, then you cannot operate because you cannot concentrate and apply. So avoid trading and dedicating to something else, you can negotiate currencies at other times.

Trust in Broker that is Not Recommended

Absolutely an operation to be avoided completely. The online Broker is the person to whom you entrust the total management of the economic part of your business. You cannot expect to lose everything before you even start trading online.

Instead, try to rely only on on regulated, authorized and reliable online trading brokers. This is why I recommend opening a Juno markets account with Juno markets one of the best brokers currently on the market.