Three Ways to Protect your Forex Trading Capital

Forex can be quite profitable with a lot of brokers providing hundreds of times of leverage to an account’s deposit value. Such leverage allows any trader to get the most possible gains from every currency market movement. For instance, with a 1:500 leverage, a position of $100 allows controlling a $50,000 position. The forex market’s price movements are based on the bigger value, magnifying a trader’s profit and losses. However, because the profits can be way bigger than the initial price, this can also be applicable to the trade losses. That is why traders must have a strong money management strategy so they don’t lose big. To protect your trading capital, consider these tips:

Learn when to Stop

Using stop losses helps you protect your capital against big losses. Brokers and platforms provide stop losses to protect your money if the market moves against a trade. As a trader, you want to find major areas to put your stop losses when you have determined the trade has not worked. The stop loss will be done automatically once set. With a stop loss in place, you don’t have to decide when to cut your losses when the trade is underperforming. As a trader, you need to make this decision to minimize your losses and maximize your profits. Click here for more of this.

Set a Limit to How Much to Trade

While a number of forex traders concentrate on achieving a certain level of profits every trading session, you want to set a limit to how much you can afford to lose. The market can move rapidly and you must recognize that your current strategy may not be suitable for certain conditions. Thus, you should call it a day until such condition improves. Limiting your losses every trading session can help you do this.

Consider limiting your spending to 1% to 2% of your trading account on a session. Risking just a small amount of your account ensures that you can continue to trade despite certain unavoidable losses. If you want to stay still in the trading world for the longest time possible, don’t make very risky decisions.

Recognize Situations where a Strategy Doesn’t Work

Some market conditions will require certain forex trading strategies. That is why you have to learn to recognize these situations. As a trader, you should stay abreast of big news events like interest rate decisions made by major central banks and non-farm payroll data release. Such events could mean the currency market will experience a serious period of volatility. There are trading strategies that may not work for these conditions and you should avoid these until things get back to normal. Always stay alert to international and economic developments so you can avoid trading losses you could have prevented.  Learn more about forex trading and the strategies to use to succeed in trading from EngineForex. If you are looking for a forex broker, you are at the right place. Always keep in mind that Forex trading is not all profits. Trade losses are also a part of the game.